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Getting Started

Complete the fields in the registration page. After completing and submitting your registration, you will receive a welcome email with an activation link to verify your account. Please note that by default, your registered email address will not be displayed in your profile unless you choose to display.

Just click the New Discussion button. You can either start a thread or a question. Please make sure that your discussion is under the right sub-forum.  Discussion title character limit is 100.

Start a topic by click the new discussion button

Only logged-in users can post a reply. Just type in your content at the comment box below every discussion.

You can use an image URL as source.

In the text editor, click the image icon and either upload or paste a url to upload your image/video

Account Settings

Click Forgot? below the sign in page and follow the instructions provided.

Click Forgot in the Sign In page

You can also check your profile and click the change password if you wish to change your password.

Click Edit profile and choose change password

We do not allow username change. Please be careful in choosing your username. We don't recommend real names as usernames.

Request by writing an email to [email protected] with the subject 'PEx Account Deletion' and indicating your username and the associated email address with the account.

Verification of account ownership will be made within 48 hours. After confirming account ownership, PEx would then now proceed to delete the account of the user. All content posted by the deleted users will have 'Deleted User' as the profile handle to prevent any association with former users.

Read more about PinoyExchange's Data Privacy Policy in

Understanding PEx Features

Reactions are a 1-click response to discussions and comments. Using Reactions enables community members to indicate an emotional (“Awesome”, “LOL”) or empirical (“Agree”, “Disagree”) response without typing a comment. This introduces feedback when members don’t have anything to add to a discussion via a comment.

Adding reaction to a post

A rank can be assigned to a user to grant or remove certain privileges on the forum. A user can only have one rank at a time. A user can achieve a certain rank by earning points. One can earn points by completing certain forum activities such as posting, clicking on reactions, joining discussions.  The higher the accumulated points a user has, the higher the rank a user can achieve. Ranks can be assigned automatically or manually.

After each post, a row of reactions will appear. Members can click one (and only one) Reaction to each post. This will add or subtract points to the post and the user as defined by that Reaction’s settings. The post will show a running tally of how many of each Reaction it has received. Clicking a different reaction will switch how you reacted. Clicking the same reaction a second time will revoke it.

PEx badges can be earned via the points you received from the community, by participating in certain discussions or by reaching a certain level in our ranks. Badges can be given automatically or manually.

Unfortunately, all of the old PEx badges will not be part of your profile anymore. A new set of badges will be released.

Notifications for certain forum events can be delivered in-app (via Growl-style popups) and/or via email. New users will be opted in to a list of notifications that can be configured by the administrator. Users may edit these preferences in their profile at any time.

Managing Posts and Interacting with Other Users

You can edit your discussion title 4 hours after posting. After that, only the moderators and admins can edit the content.

You can post instagram content and twitter posts. Just copy and paste the link to the comment box and you are good to go.

You can tag a user by simply typing @[insert username].

Click the inbox icon and click the New Message icon. Just type in the username in the recipient's box. You can add up to 5 members in one conversation.

Click the box in to compose a new message

Reporting on User and Posts

In every post, you can see the FLAG icon. Click the icon and choose the violation you identified (Spam or Abuse). For a more detailed case, please choose the REPORT option. As an alternative, you can also message the moderator/s of the respective subforum or pexer99 for other reports.

Click the flag icon and choose the appropriate action to report a certain post

Please check our user agreement for banning and suspension grounds.

We don't normally unban a user. However, in some cases, users are just suspended in participating in our site due to certain violations identified by the admins,mods or fellow users.

The duration of the suspension would depend on the degree of violation.

Being a PEx Moderator

PEx moderators are usually selected by the admins from the community. In certain cases, members can also nominate fellow PExers. Volunteers can also send us a message via TeamPEx account.

Mods are the enforcers and drivers of the community. They are also usually the subject experts of a given category. They can edit and delete content, give violations and report any unwanted cases to the PEx admin.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch with us via [email protected].

Data Privacy Laws

Please visit PinoyExchange's Data Privacy Policy in and its Terms of Use (no. 9) in